Interview with IMON BOY for ‘No Regrets’ | Exhibition on view January 8 – January 29 at Thinkspace Projects

Thinkspace Projects is pleased to present Imon Boy’s latest solo show, ‘No Regrets.’ The exhibition explores the crossover between his graffiti work and studio practice, showcasing the multi-disciplinary artist’s diverse expressions of his unified style.  

While Imon Boy closely guards his identity, his work is full of personality, making even his persona immensely engaging. The Malaga-based graffiti writer has crafted a career by mocking the “graffiti establishment.” He rejects the idea of working for the purpose of impressing others or using traditionally technical skills, opting to create paintings and illustrations that are tongue-in-cheek but surprisingly tender, exploring and evoking universal themes and emotions.

Our interview with IMON BOY touches on elements that challenged him as an artist and the inspiration derived from the act of living.

What was the inspiration behind this latest work? What topics were you exploring?

In general, different types of light, different lighting and new vibrations

What was the most challenging piece in this exhibition? How did it help you grow as an artist?

The boy breaking the brick gave me new ideas for future paintings. The moonlight in the background, a glass that separates two planes and an interior of a police car. I think it’s my favorite work on the show

Could you share what your day-to-day life is like when you work on a new body of work?

No day is the same for me. Sometimes I paint for days in a row and sometimes I rest for days in a row, but the ideal is to alternate painting with graffiti, beach, food, movies, etc. to live

What’s in your “art toolbox”? Are you particular about the brands you use?

No. I have a common box. Lots of color variety always. I don’t like to use low-quality materials or bad paint, a good brand and that’s it. Cheap is expensive.

How do you like to relax outside of the studio?

Sometimes I’m more relaxed in the studio than outside. Outside, I like to live what I have around me, the neighborhood where I live, the people around me, etc. But above all, the sun and the water

Do you have a process to search and / or track your inspiration?

I just live. The feeling and inspiration comes to me when I live happy and have good ideas. The key to my job is to draw constantly. Make sketches and ideas without obligation, just for me. to experience. Some of these experiments I also use in the show

Most artists express themselves creatively as children, but there is a time when there is a shift from a creative bent to a more artistic mindset. Do you know when that moment was for you?

It has all been very evolutionary. Like graffiti, way of thinking, etc. Nothing is suddenly

Where have you traveled to work on a mural or display your work in a gallery space? Do you have a favorite destination / wall and why?

The last one went to NY. The truth is that I like the idea of ​​creating canvases in my studio and exposing them to the rest of the world, and I reserve graffiti for myself. Paint where I want, how I want, when I want and in the format that I choose. If I am given the choice between a façade of a 20-story building and a small wall, I choose the small one.

But if they offer me to travel to a place like Hawaii (for example) where I feel comfortable and offer me a wall where I have total freedom, I would.

What words of wisdom would you share with your past self when you were just starting to show your work / create murals? Is there something on your artistic journey that you wish you had done differently?

I would say many things to my Imon from the past. It would help you choose who to work with and who not to work with. I would tell him who to this day has loved me out of interest or from the heart. If I look at the past, I have done bad things … but from the bad and from the mistakes you also learn

What seemed the biggest challenge of 2020 for you?

Being able to live in a state like Spain, infected with corruption and laws where you obey, pay, pay and pay again. Taxes, electricity, housing … I believe that living in Spain with dignity is already an achievement

What is your proudest achievement of 2021? Life until now? (may or may not be related to art)

That of all the times I have painted on the street, I have only been caught by the police once. It’s a good year

What big projects do you have in 2022?

Caring for my baby cat Benito

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