Interview with Kobusher for ‘Come Out and Play’

Thinkspace is proud to debut North American solo exhibition ‘Come Out and Play‘ from pop artist Kobusher.

From sculptural editions to screen prints, Kobusher continues to explore new avenues of expression on a regular basis. For his North American debut, the artist has delved heavily into the memories of his youth and the new body of work is a celebration of pop culture in all its many forms.

In anticipation of ‘Come Out and Play‘ our interview with Kobusher discusses his inspiration behind the show, how growing up in the ’80s informed his creativity, and a silver lining outlook.

What is the inspiration behind this latest body of work?

I almost wanted chaos. Random characters and not a well-structured theme. A direct reflection of what’s happening in the world right now wherein most of our best-laid plans can go up in smoke in an instant. And with that randomness, I’m hoping people can serendipitously discover my work.

When working, what are you listening to in the background?

Most of the time I listen to all types of music. I also listen to Joe Rogan if the guests and conversation is interesting. I rarely work without any sound in the room.

What is your least favorite part of the creative process?

Whenever I hear a small voice whispering to me that this is not my best work

What piece challenged you most in this body of work and why?

Each painting has its own challenges, so I won’t be able to choose one specific piece. I see my paintings as kids with different personalities so you have to deal with them in different ways.

If you could download any skill or subject into your brain, Matrix-style, what would it be?

I’m pretty satisfied with what I have right now but gun to the head I choose a high tolerance for physical pain.

When viewing other artists’ work, what elements get you excited or inspire you?

Composition. I don’t get inspired by other artists’ work but I’m more interested in their insights.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, it’s an unprecedented time, and it’s a weird time – What is your approach to life during this time?

This pandemic is the “silver lining”,  it is teaching us to strip out what’s superficial and focus on what’s really important in our lives like family, friends your significant one, and doing what you really love. 

What pop-culture item; music, movies, tv, incident etc.. that has shaped you creatively?

Each generation has its own pop culture influences, but for me, it is how you obtain or consume it. Like I was a kid in the ’80s and unlike kids today where literally everything is at the palm of their hands (music, movie, fashion, etc.) on the other hand I had to find ways to get it. Imagine, just to see a poster of my favorite band I needed to first go to a bookstore selling the poster and then wait for my turn because someone is already there perusing through it. Or one of my friends would buy an album because he’s the only one who can afford it and with a record player. He would invite all of us to listen to it over and over again just to appreciate each song.

I have nothing against any generation or particularly this current one, but what I’m saying here is that all those challenges and not having everything when I was a kid has somewhat taught me and shaped me to be creative in obtaining and creating things for myself. Not having everything triggers imagination and goals which is congruently equal to inspiration.

If your work inspired a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream flavor, what would be the ingredients and the name of the pint?

“WTF”: Strawberry, rootbeer, vanilla, crushed macadamia nuts, and banana

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