Interview with Sentrock for “Crash Course” | Exhibition on view July 9, 2022 – July 30, 2022

Thinkspace was pleased to present Sentrock’s ‘Crash Course‘ in Gallery III this past July. The exhibition explored the artist’s life right now as a new father living on the West Side of Chicago.

Sentrock uses this collection to find peace in life while everything around us is a struggle, hoping to pass that message on to the viewers.

Our interview with Sentrock explores his creative process, the places that shaped him, and what’s next for the artist.

For those unfamiliar with your work, can you share a little about your background and what inspired your artistic pursuits?

I was born in West Phoenix in a Mexican neighborhood. My first interaction w/ creating art was really art class in elementary school through a guest artist creating a mural for our school. After that, I got into graffiti, and that’s been the route that more or less led me here in my art. Growing up my pop was in and out of prison which has inspired much of my art and bird characters. The concept of freedom through an alter ego like a bird is very interesting to me. 

What was the inspiration behind this latest body of work? What themes were you exploring?

My latest body of work was just a reflection of where my life is at the moment, being introduced to fatherhood, dealing with my daddy issues but also figuring shit out –still reflecting my environment in Chicago and my neighborhood. 

What was the most challenging piece in this exhibition? How did it help you grow as an artist?

I can’t say which piece was the most challenging; I would say being able to explore other concepts outside of my usual character was a challenge. I feel this body was a conscious flow of my art. 

What does a day in the studio look like for you? How do you structure your days? 

Wake up, take care of my baby boy for a couple of hours, jump on my bike and get to a local coffee shop. Get in the studio and start sketching free thoughts, respond to emails and just start getting on a painting that is in the works. 

Do you have any rituals that help you tap into a creative flow? 

Not really, I should but music and coffee. 

What is your favorite and least favorite part of the creative process? 

My favorite part of the process is getting lost in the sauce. My least favorite part of the process is getting lost in the sauce. Like how far can I go and dive into my art w/o being unsociable, hahaha. Like I like being into my art and losing a sense of reality, but on the other hand, I can lose my sense of responsibility. 

Who are some of your creative influences?

My creative influences are Mexican muralists the big 3, and the way they share messages through culture and art. Also Frida, I mean she really opened up the door for Mexicans to be emo. Also, I like cartoons, The regular show, Simpsons — all that. I feel my art is in the middle somehow ha. 

You’ve worked with many Chicago sports teams, like the White Sox and Bulls; how did those opportunities arrive at your doorstep? What is your favorite sport to watch and support? Favorite sport to play? 

Idk. Chicago loves and I love the city back, so we are all just fans of the city. We are a city of hustlers w/ heart. 

Do you have a mural project in the works? Where can people expect to see your next big wall?

I am currently preparing for my first solo museum show. It’s gonna consist of murals, paintings, and installations. 

Besides Chicago and San Juan – what cities inspire you the most? Or what cities do you want to visit for inspiration? 

The city I grew up in West Phoenix inspired me a lot, it’s the hood my Momma represented when she was younger, so it always has my heart bc of the good and the moments it built me to be someone w heart. 

If you could have any skill or topic downloaded into your brain, what would you want to be able to do/ be an expert at?

I want to be a filmmaker. I want to share visual stories. I want to learn to write scripts and create movies, like Scorsese. 

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