Jeremy Fish Interview on PROHBTD

Jeremy Fish PROHBTD

Online culture magazine PROHBTD interviewed Jeremy Fish for his upcoming exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery. The article covers Jeremy’s health scares, art installations, and the mythical beasts which will be featured throughout the work. Check out the full interview on their website.

Can you tell me about the mythical beasts in the new show?

Some of the themes came from things I knew and loved about LA as a little kid. I grew up in upstate New York, and LA always seemed so fucking cool in film and television in the ’80s. I loved Fast Times [at Ridgemont High], Cheech & Chong, The Big Lebowski and The A-Team. At that age, I was also deeply fascinated with BMX, skateboarding and all things Disney. So I started by making lists of things I loved about LA and went from there. The ideas for the lurky “beasts” grew from my list of things about LA I loved, combined with some very inspiring friends who live there and past experiences I have had over my 22 years living in California. My imagination went from there and delivered these 22 new beasts in the form of drawings and paintings.

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