Joao Ruas releases ‘Minion’ at ComiCon

Joao Ruas‘ new facsimile sketchbook ‘Minion’ is finally available! Thanks go out to Ryan Graff of Eidolon Fine Arts for conceptualizing and executing this project. It will be sold at this weekend’s San Diego ComiCon at Eidolon Fine Arts booth #4504. Online sales are still up in the air, so for now it’s limited to sales at ComiCon. Joao will be around the Eidolon Fine Arts booth this weekend so be sure to stop by and say hi and pick up ‘Minion’ before it’s gone.

After his trip to San Diego Joao will head back to Brazil and finish up work on his upcoming solo show opening November 5th at Thinkspace. We’ll be showcasing over 20 new works from Joao this fall and are honored to be able to present this show for him.

Take a look inside Joao Ruas’ studio in Brazil here:

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