Joshua Clay does layout art for new Gym Class Heroes album…

Joshua Clay recently created the entire layout for the new Gym Class Heroes album… “The Quilt” hits stores nationwide on September 9th. See the layout above (click on to enlarge).

The band is out now on the Warped Tour, and are using huge cut outs of Clay’s artwork as back drops and enhancements to the live stage show. We’ll post some pics as soon as we get some.

Look for add’l behind the scenes pics of Joshua’s show that opens this Friday to be posted throughout the week on our Flickr page at:

Mark your calendar now. Be sure not to miss Clay’s 2nd solo show with us this Fri, July 11th @ 7PM. We’ll be rollin’ ’till at least 11PM and all the artists will be out for the opening reception, so stop by and say hey to Joshua along with Erik and Emroca (who just dropped off his work – really stunning in person – don’t miss it!).

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