June Art Adventure (Black Maria, Roberts and Tilton, BSFA, Tony Alva, POV, New Puppy)…

Last weekend we headed out for a tour of Los Angeles, and hit about every corner of the monsterous city as we took in a full night’s worth of art. We started out the night at Black Maria, and checked in our weapons at the door as requested…

Below is a lil’ photo recap of the evenings art tour….

Jason Hernandez

Michael C. Hsiung

The work of Sam Saghatelian

The project wall next door in Black Maria’s shop that was curated by Ally Takeuchi

From Black Maria, we headed east to catch Andrew Schoultz‘ show at Roberts & Titlton

The show’s massive wall mural….

This piece is MASSIVE and so detailed – this picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

Get out and see Schoultz’ show before it comes down… these have to be seen in person to really appreciate the layers of collage elements in many of his works.

The man of the hour – Andrew Schoultz

From Roberts & Tilton we headed across the street to BSFA to take in the new works of Carrie Anne Baade and Christopher Ulrich…

The amazing work of surrealist Carrie Anne Baade

Also in the show was the macbre yet wonderul work of Christopher Ulrich

Ulrich’s piece above had a crowd of shocked Culver City gallery goers parked in front of it most of the time we were in attendance…

From Culver City we got back on the road and headed up Fairfax to Tonly Alva’s shop to check out a special show where artists painted their renditions of classic Wynn Miller photographs…

Legends on the tables – Keith Morris of Circle Jerks & Shepard Fairey

Nate Frizzell

Dennis McNett

Shepard Fairey

Shawn Barber

From the Fairfax district we headed over to China Town to POVevolving to catch Attaboy‘s debut Los Angeles solo show…

J. Shea #9’s amazing collaboration with Attaboy…

The Goo Berry install in all its glory… we had to rescue one of these lil’ buggers. Too cool. The return of the pull string… they are very rude lil’ creatures once you pull their string.

The artist – Attaboy alongside one of his works on acrylic

From China Town we got back on the highway and headed north east to find the New Puppy Gallery, where my partner in Thinkspace, LC of Cannibal Flower, was curating a special wine & Cheese tasting that featured Michael Pukac rocking the live painting action (shown above & below)…

The amazing work of Joe Bravo… yes, those are tortillas. Each treated and preserved, Bravo’s work is in several prominent collections and has shown at LACMA as well as many other major institutions…

One of Pukac’s finished oil works… all in all another great art adventure.

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