Juxtapoz interview Adam Caldwell

Adam Caldwell 'Pre-Established Harmony' - oil on canvas - 24x30 inches (2012)

Juxtapoz recently caught up with Bay Area artist Adam Caldwell as he laid the final touches to his new oil paintings for ‘Dirty Laundry’ set to open this Sat, August 4th at Thinkspace in the Culver City Arts District.

Favorite medium to work with?
Oil, I cannot stand the feel of acrylics. I know its toxic as fuck, but I am willing to die a little earlier if I get to paint with smooth, buttery, delicious oil paint.

Read the full Juxtapoz interview with Adam Caldwell here:

‘Dirty Laundry’
New works from Adam Caldwell and Brett Amory

Opening this Sat, August 4th at Thinkspace

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