Juxtapoz interview Andy Kehoe

Andy Kehoe 'Secret Meeting' - acrylic, oil and resin on wood (2012)

Coming up this Saturday at Thinkspace is ‘Into the Depths‘ featuring new works from Andy Kehoe. To help spread the good word the kind folks at Juxtapoz have posted a ‘back talk’ mini-interview with the man himself.

• Favorite medium to work with?
I started using resin for my most recent show with Thinkspace and it literally added a new dimension to my work. It’s been really gratifying to add so much more depth and space into my work. Creating worlds has always been a desire of mine and this medium produces an actual tangible little world in the end. It’s really exciting.

Check out Juxtapoz’s full interview with Kehoe here:

‘Into the Depths’
New works from Andy Kehoe

Opening Reception: Sat, July 7th 5-9PM

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA / thinkspacegallery.com

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