Juxtapoz interview Armsrock and Imminent Disaster

Sneak peek at their collaborative installation for 'Refuge'

Juxtapoz just posted a really nice in-depth interview with both Armsrock and Imminent Disaster that goes into great detail regarding the concept and vision behind ‘Refuge’ – opening this Friday at Thinkspace.

In their upcoming, highly anticipated collaborative exhibition ‘Refuge’, Armsrock and Imminent Disaster dance with concrete and abstract manifestations of the term.

When suggesting that, perhaps Refuge is a call to political action, I was told quite the contrary. The show is not about raising awareness. “People are already aware” Imminent Disaster and Armsrock tell me.

Nor would they dream of being so bold as to offer solutions “as an urban designer or policymaker might”.

Check out the full interview here:

Exhibition run dates: March 12th – April 2nd, 2010

Opening Reception: Fri, March 12th 7-11PM

The digital preview for ‘Refuge’ is now ready – both delivered some amazing works for the show:

Please shoot me any questions or requests on the works featured in ‘Refuge’ to contact@sourharvest.com and I will get right back to you.

* This will be the last show at our Silver Lake location. We will relocate to Culver City this April.

4210 Santa Monica Blvd. in Silver Lake area of Los Angeles (near the Sunset Junction)

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