Juxtapoz interview Brett Amory

Brett Amory 'Waiting #137' - oil on canvas (2012)

Juxtapoz recently caught up with Bay Area artist Brett Amory as he laid the final touches to his new oil paintings for ‘Dirty Laundry’ set to open this Sat, August 4th at Thinkspace in the Culver City Arts District.

A quote that has stuck with you?
“Talent, don’t bother about wether or not you have it. Just assume that you do, and forget about it. Talent is a word we use after someone has become accomplished.” -Richard Schmid

Read the full Juxtapoz interview with Brett Amory here:

‘Dirty Laundry’
New works from Brett Amory and Adam Caldwell

Opening this Sat, August 4th at Thinkspace