Juxtapoz interview Caia Koopman

Caia Koopman 'Kool Aid Tears' - acrylic on wood panel - 16x20 inches (2012)

Currently on view at Thinkspace is ‘Between Wind and Water’ featuring new works from Sarah Joncas and Caia Koopman. To help us spread the good word Juxtapoz have posted a ‘Back Talk’ interview with Caia Koopman.

One reason you make art:
It’s more fun than doing other stuff and because I failed calculus, and that was because my psycho college roommate stole my calculous book. Thank you psycho college roommate.

Check out the rest of the Juxtapoz ‘Back Talk’ interview here:

Look for our interview with Caia to be posted here in the days ahead.

‘Between Wind and Water’
New works from Sarah Joncas and Caia Koopman

On view through June 30th at Thinkspace

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