Juxtapoz interview Derek Gores

Derek Gores 'Memento Mori' - collage on canvas

We’re excited to be working with FL based collage artist Derek Gores who we introduced to LA audiences this past June as part of our Culver City Art Walk group show. To help us introduce Gores’ work to the world at large Juxtapoz.com just posted a great introductory interview with this up and coming artist to watch.

“From far away you see a woman’s dark hair, perhaps a few feet from the viewer,” states collagist Derek Gores in Juxtapoz’s recent interview with the artist. “When you get closer though, that dark hair is made up of a cityscape at night, with little twinkling windows a mile away.”

Check out the full Juxtapoz interview with Derek Gores here:

Derek Gores 'Titanium Skin' - collage on canvas

Look for Gores to return to Thinkspace next month as part of the ‘Love Conquers All: Art For Equality’ group show.

Keep tabs on Derek Gores via his site here.

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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing Derek Gores’ Work in a show in his hometown of Melbourne, FL. I was captivated by the details. The image as a whole is amazing but to step up close to one of his pieces his absolutely mind blowing. An amazing artist that the world needs to experience. A unique and personable individual with natural talent! Congrats to you Derek on your success.

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