Juxtapoz post ’20 Questions’ with Hannah Stouffer…

“Hannah’s densely packed compositions consciously recall classical elements from our past and combine them with our modern attractions, creating cohesive yet opposing array’s of imagery and embellishment. She focuses on the contrasts between periods in time, subcultures and social trends – and merges them together with a high regard for traditional decoration. No wonder she has been shaking the world of contemporary art.” – Juxtapoz
Check out the ’20 Questions’ feature that Juxtapoz posted this weekend with Hannah Stouffer here.

Be sure to check out an interview we recently posted with Hannah here as well.

Look for a small show of new works as part of our ‘Fresh Faces’ series this July from Hannah alongside solo shows from Stella Im Hultberg and Catherine Brooks. After that we have plans to take her down to Miami this coming December during Art Basel and then, in March 2010, we’ll be rockin’ a full-on solo in our project room of her works and continuing to build from there. We are SUPER jazzed to be working with her, and can’t wait for more to be exposed to her vibrant and unique work.


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