Kathleen Lolley – ‘sneak peek’ at her upcoming solo with Thinkspace this May…

Kathleen Lolley is busy as a bee in her studio in Louisville, Kentucky preparing works for her upcoming solo show, ‘Away From The Things Of Man’, coming up this May @ Thinkspace

Kathleen explores themes of nature, fantasy & personal history in her works where storytelling plays a prominent role. Critters try to break the spell of day to day heartbreak. Giant elk stumble over towns clasping bottles, is it a remedy they hold or just a beer?

Expect all manner of works – big and small, from cut out ‘critters’ as she lovingly calls them, to works on paper, to full on paintings on wood panel and even life sized ‘critters’… as seen below coming to life in her garage…

Kathleen Lolley
‘Away From The Things Of Man’

Opening Reception: Fri, May 8th 7-11PM

4210 Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles

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