Kathy Ager’s Studio Tour for exhibition ‘Fool’s Gold’ at MOAH

Kathy Ager – Fool’s Gold | September 12, 2020 – December 27, 2020

The inspiration behind ‘Fool’s Gold’: For this body of work, I continued to delve into my own personal experiences and observations and seek ways to express them through objects and light. A lot of my inspiration comes from my more painful experiences and outlook on life, but I try to make something beautiful out of that darkness. I was particularly inspired by the alienation I felt last year when caught up with someone who valued the pursuit of the party life over building something solid and real. That’s where the title “Fool’s Gold” came from. It’s painful to feel like you’re not enough, but to those who are after more fucked up pursuits and easy highs – the fool’s gold – you will never be valued the way you deserve. I find so much inspiration in that heartbreak.

View available works here: https://thinkspaceprojects.com/shows/kathyager-foolsgold-2020/show-pieces/

Video by Birdman

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