KAWS opening night action…

KAWS’ solo show at Honor Fraser, “The Long Way Home”, went off in fine form last night. Fans were not let down as KAWS unleashed an arsenal of new works, spanning several different styles. One of the highlights was a full room full of ‘Kurf’ styled works, as well as a 90″ tall day-glo green Chum, six 20″ tall bronze chums (each a diff. color) and three of his painted bronze head casts (including one that had ‘fallen’ on the floor).
Opening night crush… place was packed from the onset with a line over three blocks long (a good 200 people deep) the whole night long… sadly, sure many were shut out. But don’t worry, the show is up through April 4th. I’ll be headed out to take it in one more time for sure, as the place was packed to the gills all evening.

KAWS’ own head sculpted in bronze.

Ahhh, to have gotten one of these packaged gems of ‘Kurf’ goodness…

‘Kurf’ package painting close up… all had sold out prior to show ($10K each)

More ‘Kurf’ goodness…
Check out a preview of the show that the LA Times ran here. Great article.
A whole row of 20″ tall bronze chums… you want one? Well, cough up $30k!

With the man of the hour himself (above).

Honor Fraser @ 2622 S. La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles / 310.837.0191

“The Long Way Home” from KAWS (On view through April 4th)

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  1. I keep looking for an explanation of what happened at the opening. I showed up at 8, and the line was around the block, so I went browsing at some other galleries in the neighborhood. When I came back at 8:30, the gallery was closed, the crowd was gone and there were cops out front. Anybody got the scoop?

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