Kayla Mahaffey Time-Released Print Drops Saturday, June 6th

We are honored to announce a special timed-release print with Kayla Mahaffey out of Chicago to help raise funds for charity. The painting “Unwind” was featured in her recent sold-out solo exhibition “Deconstructed”. The bright colors in this work provoke positivity and the hammer featured represents building and repair, both perfect metaphors for the state of race relations currently in the United States.

33% of profits will be donated directly to Black Lives Matter Chicago and 33% of profits will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund .

Timed Edition / Open for 72 hours
Fine art print on Signa Smooth 300gsm cotton rag paper with deckled edges
18 x 24 inches / 45 x 60 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist

Available for purchase starting this Saturday, June 6 at 10 am pacific time. The print sale will run through Tuesday, June 9 at 10 am pacific time via our webshop — shop.thinkspaceprojects.com

Kayla will number the print edition based on the quantity sold during this 72 hour time period. We will share the total amount raised for each charity next week, along with screen grabs of funds being donated to each charity.

Please note due to this being a timed release, prints will then need to be printed following the sale, then shipped to Kayla for signing and numbering, and then shipped back to us for packing up.

Please be patient as this process takes place and know that you can anticipate print orders shipping out just after the 4th of July holiday weekend. Once all prints ship, we will share tracking details with you via email, or share to your PayPal account if you paid that way.

Kayla adds: As a black female artist, I am not here to represent all black people, but to bring awareness to what is happening in our world today and what we can do about it. These issues hit way too close to home and have always been an issue in our community, but now they’re finally getting noticed. This legendary protest is for change in our culture and in our country, and that responsibility lies with ALL people. We can’t end racism and police brutality without allies and without accountability. So moving forward, we need to listen and learn when issues arise and when there is a crisis affecting our society we all need to do our best to assist others. And I want to thank all who are speaking out and doing their part to fight for justice and equality.

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