Kelly Vivanco interviewed by Erratic Phenomena…

Kelly Vivanco was recently interviewed by Erratic Phenomena. You can view the full interview at the following link:
“I don’t offer too much commentary on my work. The things people come up with are totally different than what I would come up with, and faceted to match their personalities and hopes and experiences – like unlocking a billion alternate universes with one image, a fractalized experience. That’s kind of how I see it, like dropping ink in a glass of water and all the tendrils blossom out… and if you say, “This is what it means,” the tendrils all suck in to the static drop and it stays motionless. Religion does that. So do books that give interpretations of dreams. I guess everything does, even our interpretation of who we are. Maybe that is the feeling we have when we are little, that wonder feeling. The world is enormous and magical. Then we grow up and see mundane explanations for the magical experiences, and everything gets boxed up and shelved.” – Kelly Vivanco (from her Erratic Phenomena interview/feature)
Vivanco’s works are currently hanging as part of the “Strange Happenings” group show out in Chicago, IL at Rotofugi that opens this Friday and up in Seaside, CA at the Alternative Cafe as part of the Creep Machine curated group show “This Is The End” that is currently on view.

Look for her to make her return to Los Angeles this coming June @ Thinkspace for her debut Los Angeles solo show. Super stoked for this one, we can’t wait to host her first L.A. solo!

Keep tabs on Kelly via her site here:

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