Ken Nwadiogbu interviewed by art collective LEAGUEOTO

Art collective LEAGUEOTO recently interviewed artist Ken Nwadiogbu with rapid-fire questions that give us the opportunity to know more about this talented painter. Nwadiogbu will be having his first solo exhibition with us early next year in March of 2021.

Please visit the LEABUEOTO website here for the full interview.

Where does your inspiration come from?

When I began practicing art, my inspiration came from issues relating to my peers and those around me. Now, I am inspired by recent happenings in the news and issues relating to Black people. The philosophy that drives my work is simple, I want to inspire and create change everywhere that my work is presented. I don’t just want to make works for the sake for it, if you look closely at each piece, I am always trying to say something. From issues relating to profiling and brutality, to issues relating to African migration and bad government. | 11/6/2020

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