Kevin Titzer interview

Kevin Titzer 'Nail Biter' - mixed media sculpture

Check out a great interview with sculpture artist Kevin Titzer here:

We’ve been working with Kevin for a few years now and he just continues to gets better and better. His works in ‘Born Free’ and ‘Love Conquers All’ were very well received this year and we’re looking forward to more with the artist in the year ahead.

Kevin Titzer 'Puzzle Pieces' - mixed media sculpture

Watch for Titzer to have an amazing new piece in this October’s Beyond Eden with us as well as a nice new piece featured in our 5 Year Anniversary show this November. After that he’ll be gearing up for his solo show in our project room next June. Looking forward to that! We’ll keep you posted on Kevin’s happenings here in the meantime.

Keep tabs on Kevin Titzer here:

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