La Luz de Jesus celebrates 25 Years this Fri and Sat

Billy Shire as painted by Shawn Barber

La Luz de Jesus is celebrating their twenty-fifth year of groundbreaking exhibitions with a show including almost everyone who’s ever been featured there. Billy Shire has masterminded and organized a monumental group show featuring over 250 artists, each of whom have contributed one new piece and a written anecdote about their experience with the gallery. This is La Luz de Jesus Gallery‘s first survey, featuring three generations of the most important artists working today. There will also be a book – a companion to the show, chronicling the rich legacy of La Luz de Jesus and the movements it helped launch.

Fri, Oct. 7th 8-11PM and Sat, Oct. 8th 8-11PM

La Luz De Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles / 323.666.7667

Below is a complete list of the artists featured in the month of October:
Jennybird Alcantara Marco Almera David Anderle Rick Araluce Robert Armstrong Axel Roberto Baldazzini Paul Barnes Glenn Barr Lou Beach Vicki Berndt Cathie Bleck Jon Bok Walter Bortolossi Frijol Boy Scott G. Brooks Calef Brown Ken Brown Mark Bryan Robert Burden Kalynn Campbell Clayton Brothers Joe Coleman R.S. Connett Dave Cooper Lisa Crafts Bryan Cunningham Jason D’Aquino DAST Glen C. Davies Alfredo de Batuc John de Fazio Gerald de Jesus Alex de Leon Georganne Deen Marc Dennis Daniel Martin Díaz Sam Doyle Myron Conan Dyal Brice Eichelberger Bruce Eichelberger P-Jay Fidler Matt Fink Tony Fitzpatrick Mary Fleener Alan Forbes Don Fritz Gregg Gibbs Mark Gleason Paul Glynn Ralfka Gonzalez Bruce Gossett Phillip Graffham Matt Groening Tamara Guion Don Ed Hardy Scott Harrison Ric Heitzman Al Honig Jason Houchen Norma Jones Damara Kaminecki Christine Karas-Gough Dean Karr Norbert H. Kox Frank Kozik Krystine Kryttre Stacy Lande Jon Langford Craig LaRotonda Laura Levine Laurie Lipton Alpha Lubicz Sam Lubicz Snow Mack Jason Maloney ManWoman Hudson Marquez Lyn Mayer Matjames Metson Sergio Mora Victor Moscoso Stanley Mouse Clare O’Callaghan Manuel Ocampo Mu Pan Gary Panter Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker Robert Pasternak Lisa Petrucci Gail Potocki Matthew Price Moritz R* Brent Riley Chris Roberts-Antieau Francisco Rodriguez Maruca Spain Rodriguez Jonathon Rosen Isabel Samaras Corey Sandelius David Sandlin Kim Scott Anna Sea Daniel “DX” Segura Jonathan Shaw Jacqueline Shepard Shrine Aaron Smith Owen Smith Alyson Souza Karl Stalnaker Joanne Stephens Stanislav Szukalski Yoko Tanaka Gary Taxali Michael Teague Pol Turgeon Christopher Umana Elizabeth Uyehara Sarita Vendetta Trici Venola Nicola Verlato Byron Werner Robert Williams Suzanne Williams S. Clay Wilson Martin Wittfooth Dennis Worden XNO and Trevor Young

There will also be a memorial wall featuring original art work from several of our fallen comrades: Ned Baughman, Charles Binger, Martin Emond, Rev. Howard Finster, Gidget Gein, Neon Park, Will Powers, William Reagh, Pam Roberts, Hank Shire, R.K. Sloane, Chick Strand ,Bill Ward and Miriam Wosk

‘Part 2’ opening coming up in November

Don’t miss out on being a part of LA art history in the making this weekend!!!

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