Last days to catch "Dreamgirls…" + "The Silent Treatment" this week @ Thinkspace…

Your last chance to view the exhibitions from Amy Crehore and Anthony Clarkson are this Thursday and Friday at Thinkspace… then we’ll be taking ’em down and getting ready for the March exhibitions with Matthew Feyld and David MacDowell.

‘Dreamgirls and Ukes’ and ‘The Silent Treatment’ are on view through this Fri, March 6th – don’t miss the final two days to catch both exhibits.

Thinkspace Gallery (4210 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles / 323.913.3375 / open this Thur and Fri from 1-6PM)

View the works from ‘Dreamgirls & Ukes’ here.

View the works from ‘The Silent Treament’ here.

I’ll be posting the ‘recommended openings’ for this weekend early Thursday AM. So many killer shows this weekend. Things kick off Thursday night with the big Hush and Flip shows at Carmichael and don’t let up from there. Really looking forward to the return of the Kitschen Sync group show at LaLuz on Friday too. We really are spoiled living out in Southern California when it comes to the arts.

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