‘LAX/PDX’ approaches… get ready Portland!

Kelly Allen 'Won't Touch Ground' - oil on canvas - 16x20"

a special curated exhibition from Thinkspace

taking place at:
Together Gallery
2916 NE Alberta Street, Suite A in Portland

Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 31st 6-11PM with live music at 9PM

Take a ‘Sneak Peek’ at the show coming together here:

We’ll be handling the digital preview and any pre-sales from this show. Look for the preview to go out a couple of days prior to the March 31st opening. Going to be one amazing show, can’t wait for all to see.

With a featured installation from DABS MYLA and featuring new works from:
Adam Caldwell
Allison Sommers
Ana Bagayan
Andrea Offermann
Andrew Hem
Anthony Clarkson
Anthony Pontius
Brett Amory
Brian M. Viveros
Catherine Brooks
Chet Zar
Craig “Skibs” Barker
Dan-ah Kim
David Bray
David MacDowell
David Stein
Derek Gores
Esao Andrews
Eveline Tarunadjaja
Fernando Chamarelli
Ferris Plock
Fumi Nakamura
Glenn Arthur
Gustavo Ponce
Jeff Ramirez
Jen Lobo
Jesse Hotchkiss
Jesse Reno
John Park
Jonathan Wayshak
Joseph ‘2H’ McSween
Kathleen Lolley
Katy Bisby
Kelly Allen
Kelly Vivanco
Kevin Titzer
L. Croskey
Lesley Reppeteaux
Lindsey Carr
Linnea Strid
Liz Brizzi
Luke Kopycinski
Mr. Jago
Naoto Hattori
N.S. David
Paul Barnes
Peter Taylor
Sarah Joncas
Shark Toof
Stella Im Hultberg
Timothy Karpinski
Tony Philippou
Yosuke Ueno

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