Lesley Reppeteaux puts the finishing touches on her install…

Tonight’s the big night! Both Lesley Reppeteaux and Zach Johnsen are in town from Portland for the opening reception, so be sure to say hey to them both if you swing through. Paul Barnes won’t be in from Scotland, but he’ll be here in spirit, and collectors are really reacting well to his works… can’t wait for all to see them in person.

Below are a few shots of Lesley putting the finishing touches on her sprawling 13′ tall mural that takes up our entire front entry installation area…

Above is the outside view that will great patrons this evening as they come by to enjoy this month’s shows… below, a lil’ add’l sneak peek at Zach Johnsen‘s massive install – well over 40 individual pieces make up the install. AMAZING. What a show – come on by tonight, we’ll be rolling ’till well past 11PM.

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