Lindsey Carr’s debut U.S. solo show coming up this September at Thinkspace

Lindsey Carr 'The Flower House' - 15x10 inches - acrylic, ink, gold leaf and watercolor on 300gsm paper (2011)

This coming September we’re excited to be hosting the debut U.S. solo show from Scotland based artist Lindsey Carr. The show will be based around Canton, the old trading port in China where various flora and fauna were brought, traded & studied by merchants from around the world.

Artist statement:
“The pieces in the show are a homage firstly to John Reeves, a keen naturalist and Tea Inspector for the British East India company and to the anonymous Chinese artists who painted the subjects he requested at the port of Canton, China in the early 19th century. The artists who painted these works were trained in Chinese painting techniques which have a very specific aesthetic, while Reeves requested that they follow western scientific conventions. The result is a strangely stiff but still beautiful combination. Some of the pieces have a very mild reference to politics or philosophy, but most of them describe a fictional disease – illustrated with spurious Latin names & documentation. The term ‘Morbus Spiritus’ which is the title of one piece translates broadly to a Disease of Life and represents the theme running throughout. Originally my title had been ‘Life is killing us’ but not only is this too close to the title of a song, it’s also slightly too cynical an outlook.”

Look inside Lindsey’s studio over in Scotland here:

Lindsey Carr
‘Homage To Canton’

September 10th – October 1st, 2011 in our project room

More sneak peeks and an interview with Lindsey to follow here soon.

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