‘Looking Glass’ sneak peek #3 – Damon Soule

This is the 3rd in our ‘sneak peek’ series leading up to our ‘Looking Glass’ exhibit taking place during Art Basel from December 4th – December 7th in Miami at the Gen Art Vanguard Fair (see previous post for full details).

Look for a series of ‘sneak peeks’ to be posted over the next two weeks as we head into the final stretch and be sure to watch Arrested Motion for live blogging from Miami during Art Basel / Gen Art Vanguard and also be sure to check out AM‘s first batch of exclusive preview photos that we supplied them from ‘Looking Glass’ here.

DAMON SOULE profile:
Damon Soule’s work challenges many of the myths perpetuated by the scientific establishment. Drawing inspiration from the world of alternative sciences, Soule uses fractal patterns and intricate designs along with a carefully chosen color pallet to help further explore the scientific universe.
You can check out a cool interview with Soule over at Fecal Face here. The interview also features images from many of the works from his recent solo show in NYC at Joshua Liner Gallery.
In addition to the above interview, be sure to check out a great video that the folks over at Joshua Liner Gallery put together to help promote his recent solo here.

Over the past decade his work has shown the world over with such respected galleries as Joshua Liner Gallery (NYC), Lineage Gallery (Philadelphia), White Walls (San Francisco), BLVD. Gallery (Seattle), Intoxicated Demons Gallery (Berlin), 111 Minna Gallery (San Francisco), Robert Berman Gallery (Santa Monica), and numerous others.
Soule‘s contributions to the ‘Looking Glass’ exhibit are the first step in building towards his debut Los Angeles solo show with us during the spring of 2010.
*some text courtesy of Lineage PR

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