Marie-Claude Marquis Studio Tour in Preparation for “Don’t Use Me, I’m Broken’

Marie-Claude Marquis – Don’t Use Me, I’m Broken | July 25, 2020 – August 15, 2020

The inspiration behind the exhibition: In ‘Don’t use me, I’m broken’, I basically wanted to talk about the flaws, fails, and challenges, unique to each individual, that make us interesting and complex beings. But since this exhibition was mainly created during the pandemic, it took a darker turn than my usual work. Before this period, some of us had the opportunity to avoid facing problems, consciously or not, by loading our lives with work, obligations and activities. But because the recent confinement had a mirror effect on ourselves, it forced us to confront our darker facets and our relationship issues and I wanted to address that with the show. It will, therefore, be a mix of reflections, overflow, fears, hope, humor, and once again an attempt to encourage the spectator to express his feelings and to free himself from a weight that a person is often unconscious of carrying.

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