Megan Whitmarsh at THIS Los Angeles on Fri, March 25th

Megan Whitmarsh 'Junk Wall' - 80" x 50" - embroidery thread, fabric, batting, vinyl, yarn

‘Radiant Decade’ from Megan Whitmarsh

‘Radiant Decade’ features original works by Highland Park resident, Megan Whitmarsh. Opening on her birthday, the opening date also coincides with her move to Highland Park ten years ago and she is delighted to celebrate these two occasions by exhibiting in a community she feels deeply invested in.

“I am drawn to low-tech mediums, and evidence of the hand in art and the promise of evolution in the amateur gesture. I am interested in pleasure but also awkwardness. I see myself as a rueful pop artist.”

Opening Reception: Fri, March 25th 7-10PM

THIS Los Angeles
5906 North Figueroa Street in 
Los Angeles

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