Microbo and Bo130 – the Italian invasion has begun!

The Italian invasion has begun! Microbo and Bo130 arrive!!!
Italian street art masters Microbo and Bo130 have just sent us a nice array of new works to show to you all. We are SO stoked to be working with them, I can barely put it into words. They have been two of my favorite European street artists for the past several years. The top pic above is from the pairs recent show at Helium Cowboy Gallery in Brussels, Belgium with Morcky and TheBoghe. Just a stunning mural to say the least. The pics below that are just samples of their work.

To see the works in our inventory, check out the ‘Available Artwork’ section at the following link: https://www.sourharvest.com/thinkspace/n_avail.php

To check out more from their Helium Cowboy show in Belgium, click here: http://www.heliumcowboy.com/hc_digilog/52_modart/

The two have shown the world over, including taking part in last year’s “The Streets Of Europe” show in NYC at Jonathan LeVine as well as being included in the highly prestigous “Wooster On Spring” project in 2006. The pair also organized the highly successful “Urban Edge” exhibit in 2005 in Milan, Italy and the “Izastikup Show Tour” exhibiton of the same year that featured the original pages of the highly popular Izastikup book (also put together by the pair) on display at Carhartt Clothing shops across Europe, including stops in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Berlin, and Madrid.

Their works have been featured in numerous books on street art and sticker art including:
Street Sketchbook – Tristan Manco
Street Logo s– Tristan Manco
The Art of Rebellion – C. Hundertmark
The Art of Rebellion 2 – C. Hundertmark
Up Until Now – Upper Playground
The Art of Rebellion 2
Izastikup – Dragoarte & Comunicazione
Pictoplasma Character Encyclopedia – P. Thaler, L. Denicke
& many more, including numerous features in European publications such as Modart.

For more on both, be sure to check out:

We hope you all enjoy their work as much as we do!

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