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‘Movers & Shakers’ opening night at POVevolving… – Sour Harvest

‘Movers & Shakers’ opening night at POVevolving…

The opening of the anticipated ‘Movers & Shakers’ group show curated by Gino Joukar (pictured above alongside Jeremy from POVevolving in front of the wicked mural provided by Ekundayo and KMNDZ) went off last night down in Chinatown and featured works from the likes of Amy Sol, Ana Bagayan, Anthony Ausgang, Brandi Milne, Brian Viveros, Chet Zar, Chris Ryniak, Dave Cooper, Ekundayo, Eric White, Glenn Barr, James Naccarato, Jeff Soto, KMNDZ, Joshua Clay, Kelly Vivanco, KuKula, Lola, Martin Wittfooth, Nathan Spoor, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Paul Barnes, Retna, Robert Pokorny, Ron English, Scott Radke, Tessar Lo, Yoskay Yamamoto, Yosuke Ueno and many more plus a huge mural from Ekundayo and KMNDZ (see in the image above)… great turnout, good vibes, awesome night! Props to Gino for putting this all together.

Mia Araujo alongside her work for the show…

‘Mover & Shaker’ artist Dave Bondi alongside Sean & LC from Thinkspace

Sean Christopher alongside his work for the show…

Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez alongside his piece for the show…

(Check out a lil’ video tour of the exhibition above)

POVevolving (939 Chung King Road in Chinatown section of downtown Los Angeles)

(On view through March 8th)

View all the works in the show here.

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