Natalia Fabia opening at Corey Helford…

After taking in the KAWS show up the road, we headed out to the take in the opening night of Natalia Fabia‘s Hooker DreamEscape. This new series of paintings are another huge step forward in Natalia’s ongoing evolution as a fine artist. Just stunning.

The one and only Natalia Fabia with Shawn from Thinkspace (above).

Our favorite piece of the show (above). The piece brought back her use of collage in the dress, and we just loved it. In the past she used to use old beer labels and more to great effect via collaged backgrounds, so we were thrilled to see it making a bit of a return in this new series.

Some other works from the show that really got our attention…

View from up top in the loft, looking down on the crowd through the sea of laser-cut acrylic chandeliers that Natalia created for the opening (these too were available for sale)…

While we were getting ready to leave and continue our art adventure (more on that in the following post), we noticed that Tyra Banks made her way into the show. I tried to grab a shot, but she saw me and quickly ducked behind her entourage. She wasn’t accepting any photos, not even with Natalia for the gallery, as she felt under dressed/without makeup… (got the above somewhat blurry shot off though)… pretty crazy having someone like Tyra attend.
Congrats to Natalia on an amazing new series of work!!!
“Hooker DreamEscape” featuring new works from Natalia Fabia
On view through March 14th @ Corey Helford Gallery
(8522 Washington Blvd in Culver City)

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