New mural from DABS MYLA off of Fairfax

Dabs Myla's 'Dice Shakers, Love Makers' mural off of Fairfax

Taking a lil’ break from working on their ‘Double Diamond’ show opening next Fri, Feb. 18th at M Modern out in Palm Springs, the duo of DABS and MYLA added yet another eye-popping mural to the streets of Los Angeles this past weekend. Their ‘Dice Shakers, Love Makers’ mural is on the back of Known Gallery, in an alleyway off of Fairfax. DABS MYLA have a number of active walls around the city of Angels right now, so be sure to catch them in person if you can!

Take a look at some pics of their new mural coming together here:

Attempt to keep up with these two here:

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