New pieces from Cherri Wood, Allison Sommers & more in available works…

New works are now in and posted in our ‘Available Works’ section from Cherri Wood, Allison Sommers, Leontine Greenberg, Andy Kehoe, Nouar and in the coming days look for a nice selection of works to be posted from the up and coming European artist Armsrock.

Click here:

Please shoot an email to with any interest or questions.

The preview list for the upcoming show from Camilla d’Errico and Sarah Joncas is building fast, so be sure to drop a line soon to get on the preview list for what promises to be one of our best shows this year.

COMING FRIDAY, JAN. 4th – ‘Fight For Flight: A Benefit for the API” – please don’t miss this special 2-day only event!

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