New print from Dabs Myla now available

Dabs Myla - Diamonds In The Rough (original) (Large)

Thinkspace is excited to announce a new limited edition print release from Australian artist duo Dabs Myla.

This is the first print we’ve published from Dabs Myla and we’re extremely happy with how it came out. The print is of a piece that was featured in their recent ‘Golden Age’ exhibition. This particular work highlights the duo’s clever take on the characters that populate our beloved Hollywood Blvd., and considering each print has hand-painted elements from the artists added, these are a must-have.

Dabs Myla
“Diamonds in the Rough”
Giclee print on 300gsm cotton rag archival paper
Limited edition of 25
Each print has been hand painted with a unique added character / element
36×11″ / 91x28cm

Dabs Myla print action (Large)

Click below link to view a larger image of the duo working on the prints (each print has a unique hand-painted character added):

Click below to view the original painting:

To order this print, please click below:

NOTE: This print was released at their recent ‘Earthquake Weather’ show – limited supplies are now being made available on our site / act fast!

About Dabs Myla:
Dabs is a prolific illustrator and graffiti artist who spent his teenage years growing up in Melbourne in the Early ‘90s. The graffiti scene influenced him greatly in his style and technique. These days Dabs’ characters come to life in more contextualized environments than ever before, whether they are painted on walls in the streets, or on canvases for a gallery setting. Myla was also raised in Melbourne where she was obsessed with detailed painting and drawing from an early age. Throughout her life Myla has continued to develop her artistic ways, and now concentrates on detailed cities and landscapes. Three years ago, along with Dabs, they combined forces to solely collaborate on their works together.

The duo’s work has shown the world over including such high profile shows as this past November’s ‘Golden Age’ show in downtown Los Angeles as well as the recent Green Day ’21st Century Breakdown’ show that took place in the UK at Stolen Space and was curated by fellow artist Logan Hicks.

Dabs Myla currently live in Hollywood, Los Angeles, spending everyday working on artworks, painting walls and being influenced by the wonders of their new city.


To view available original works from Dabs Myla, please click here:

Look for Dabs Myla to make their return to Los Angeles this coming September at our new gallery space in Culver City.

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