Oceanic Awareness Art Auction coming to Pomona on Feb. 26th

Oceanic Awareness Collaboration’s 1st Annual Art for Awareness 2011

Saturday, February 26th 6-11PM ($10 donation at the door)

Andi Campognone Project
300 W. Second Street in Pomona

This exhibition and sale is a mix of all genres of art; from fine art to graffiti, sculpting to tattoo art. There is something for everyone in this auction not only visually, but also financially. You will find semi-expensive originals to lower-priced limited rare prints. OAC is asking a $10 donation at the door, inside you’ll find a wide variety of art, drinks, food, and live music out on the patio space. The bidding will stop at 10pm. The gallery is located half a block from Acerogami (The Glass House Bar) and the after party will be held at Acerogami.

Art for Awareness 2011 is a creative effort to raise global awareness about the North Pacific Garbage Patch (aka the North Pacific Gyre) and the negative effects of plastic pollution. OAC has partnered with Guided Discoveries to also use the proceeds from this art sale to provide scholarships to a number of students with financial needs who apply to attend the Catalina Island Marine Institute summer camp. Those receiving scholarships will be in the age range of 8 – 17. OAC is a non-profit organization formed to use art, music, and fashion to raise environmental awareness to the youth culture through creative outlets.

Participating artists include:
The Clayton Brothers, Dave Kinsey, Dennis McNett, Jason Limon, David P. Flores, Arkiv Vilmansa, Roland Tamayo, Mike Stilkey, Aunia Kahn, Mr. Jago, Cate Rangel, P. Williams, Adam Wallacavage, Craww, Seth Neefus, Ben Horton, and over 40 others.

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