One amazing opening awaits this Friday…

Stella Im Hultberg is going to rock the house with her 1st LA solo and the works are just next level. We’re so proud of how far she’s come and how she continues to set goals for herself and is always striving to grow. She will be exhibiting 15 brand new works – 9 oil works on canvas and 6 mixed media works on tea-stained paper, all of which are beautifully framed in matching frames making for her strongest collection of works to date.

We’ll also be posting some sneak peeks from Dennis Hayes IV in the coming days, as well as Allison Sommers, both of which will be on view in our project room/gallery II. Wait to yhou see Hayes’ new pieces, this show is going to get folks talking in a big way. Both have really raised the bar and it makes for a very strong overall show from front to back. We can’t wait to share it with you all, so don’t miss the opening this Friday, August 8th from 7-11PM (and know we’ll probably be rolling ’till at least midnight, so please keep that in mind).

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