Opening Night of ‘Beautiful Noise’ & ‘Chasing The Current’

Yosuke Ueno Artist

The opening night of Yosuke Ueno’s ‘Beautiful Noise’ and Ariel DeAndre’s ‘Chasing the Current’ was filled with lots of familiar faces. Both artists’ work is inspired by the Japanese religion of Shinto that is based in details and appreciation of nature.  Take some time to stroll about our gallery taking in the detail of these rich and beautiful paintings. Also don’t forget to catch up on our interviews with Yosuke Ueno and Ariel DeAndrea.

Both shows are on view till June 13th.
For more details please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website.

Ariel DeAndrea

Yosuke Uneo show preview

Ariel DeAndrea preview

thinkspace artists family

details of installation

gallery attendees

Viewing Yosuke's Work

Beautiful Noise Opening I


You can view all the photos from the opening reception on Flickr or Facebook.
Above photos and all opening night photography is by photographer Sam Graham.

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