Opening night of ‘This Is Forever’ and ‘Split Ends’ at Thinkspace

'This Is Forever' opening night (l-r) Andrew (thinkspace), Dan-ah Kim, Timothy Karpinski, Shawn and LC (thinkspace)

Thank you to all that came out to support Timothy Karpinski and Dan-ah Kim this past Saturday. Patrons found themselves sucked into the worlds of Timothy and Dan-ah as their works are just brimming with hidden treasures like hand-sewn elements, hand-cut goodness and so much more. In addition to the works on view, ‘This Is Forever’ also showcases a wonderous installation from Karpinski which in part showcases his 1st short film, ‘This Is Forever’. Sadly Eveline Tarunadjaja, on view in our project room, was not able to come in from Australia for the festivities, but her works made it and are SO incredibly detailed, please be sure to take a look if you make it through during the  next couple weeks.

Both shows demand to be viewed in person due to the vast amount of detail hidden within each work, not to mention Karpinski’s fun-filled installation. From the smooth, brushless look of Timothy Karpinski‘s work to Dan-ah Kim’s delicate hand-stitched creations on through to the hyper detailed ink and watercolour works of Eveline Tarunadjaja, both exhibits offer so much to those that come out to view them this month in person.

Timothy Karpinski - main install view

View the full set of opening night photos here:

Timothy Karpinski's "Let's Be Honest" install wall
Dan-ah Kim's work on view as part of 'This Is Forever'

View the works featured in ‘This Is Forever‘ via our digital preview:

'Split Ends' from Eveline Tarunadjaja on view

View the works featured in ‘Split Ends‘ via our digital preview:

Main gallery view of 'This Is Forever'

‘This Is Forever’ featuring new works from Dan-ah Kim and Timothy Karpinski
+ ‘Split Ends featuring new works from Eveline Tarunadjaja in the project room

Both exhibits on view through April 23rd

thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City / Wed-Fri 1-6PM and Sat 1-8PM

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