Opening night pics from Ekundayo and Brett Amory at Thinkspace

Ekundayo and Brett Amory celebrating opening night

Thank you to all that came out this past Friday and showed Ekundayo and Brett Amory such strong support. We were filled up once it hit about 8PM and went well past our posted 10PM closing time with the crowd spilling out onto the sidewalk until almost midnight.

Several artists dropped by to show their support including Martin Wittfooth, Yoskay Yamamoto, Dabs Myla, KMNDZ, Nathan Ota, Andrew Hem, Anthony Clarkson, Jessica Whitside, Anne Faith Nicholls, Josh Hart, Bumblebee, Isaac Pierro, Jeaneen Carlino, Michael Alvarez, and Zoso were all in the house. Around 9PM a mini-sketch party broke out in front of the gallery with Ekundayo, KMNDZ, Bumblebee, Zoso and Yoskay all bombin’ away in sketchbooks for over an hour straight. Check out our Flickr for some of the finished gems some lucky collectors walked away with.

Ekundayo's 'Golden Age Of Neglect' installed in main gallery

View all the opening night pics here:

Final mural install from Ekundayo (individual panels are available - please contact if interested)

View the works featured in ‘Joy Today Jeopardy Tomorrow’ from Ekundayo here:

Brett Amory - 'Waiting #56' installed alongside Amory's wall painting

View the works featured in ‘The Waiting Room’ from Brett Amory here:

Both shows are on view through July 2nd. Please be sure to swing through if you are in the Culver City area.

6009 Washington Blvd.
Wed-Sat 1-6PM

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