Opening night pics from Matthew Feyld & David MacDowell @ Thinkspace…

Shawn from Thinkspace with collector Stephen Davis (aka Svenman) in front of Matthew Feyld’s new works…
David MacDowell gives the big thumbs up to the evening alongside good friend and fellow artist Jeff McMillan.

We just posted some pics from the opening night receptions for Matthew Feyld‘s new solo show with us as well as the debut solo show from Virginia’s David MacDowell here.
In addtion to our shots, Daily DuJour just posted their full coverage of the show along with some additional images from the opening night festivities here. Thanks Jack!
Praise for Feyld’s new body of work:
“By focusing on individuals, this new body of work feels more intimate and perhaps more compelling than his older work. The portrayal are at once alluring and upon reflection a bit troubling. While one might describe Feyld’s subjects as emotionless, there’s also a sense of melancholy as they clutch to bowls of fruit, decorative vases or walls.” – Daily DuJour
Praise for MacDowell’s new series:
“David MacDowell’s presents a riot of colorful cultural parody sparing no sacred cows – iconic personalities including Walt Disney and Jack Nicholson are skewered and remixed in consistently humorous ways. In his own words, his art encourages people to embrace “their inner crazy person”. His infectious brand of irreverent parody comes across in varying doses mild to full-tilt…” – Daily DuJour
Both exhibits are on view through April 3rd. Please be sure to swing through and check them out if you get a chance.
View works from both exhibits here and here.

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