Jimmer Willmott ‘Officer Pinkmen’ Timed Edition Print Release to Benefit the ACLU and Grass Roots Law

Black and Brown communities have been the targets of racist police practices for decades. As we are seeing every day around the country, peaceful protests are being met by militarized police forces inflicting more violence on our communities. This will not stop until there are meaningful federal, state, and local reforms put in place. No one is above the law. Cries of Defund the Police can be heard echoing at protests across our nation. The basic idea is to reduce the demands placed on our police and shift funding to mental health care, schooling, housing/homelessness, domestic violence, and other social programs. In short, shrinking the scope of police responsibilities and shifting most of what the government does to keep us safe to organizations that are better equipped to meet those needs. The people who respond to a crisis in our communities should be the people who are best equipped to deal with that particular crisis.

Jimmer Willmott
‘Officer Pinkmen’
Timed Edition / Available for 72 hours
Fine art print on Signa Smooth 300gsm cotton rag paper with deckled edges
16 x 20 inches / 40.6 x 50.8 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist

To help and show our support, we will be donating 50% of the profits from this print sale to the ACLU and Grass Roots Law .

Available for purchase starting this Sat., June 13 at 10 am pacific time. The print sale will run through Tues., June 16 at 10 am pacific time via our webshop.


Jimmer will number the print edition based on the quantity sold during this 72 hour time period.

Please note due to this being a timed release, prints will then need to be printed following the sale by the good folks Static Medium, then shipped to Jimmer for signing & numbering, then shipped back to us, then packed up for their new homes. Please be patient as this process takes place and know that you can anticipate your print order to ship out sometime in mid-July. We will share tracking details with you, once on the way.

Michael Reeder featured in the latest issue of The-Art-Form

We’re excited to share the latest issue, Issue 04, of The-Art-Form has a 14-page feature on Thinkspace family member Michael Reeder. You can pick up the issues via their online shop at http://www.the-art-form.com/.

Coming Up on June 27 at Thinkspace

Took It Easy
On view June 27 – July 18

Collector Preview will be shared on June 22  

English, Paris-based illustrator and artist Ermsy takes the popular cartoons of his childhood and reimagines them as irreverent appropriations. Fascinated by American pop culture as a readily accessible, visual vernacular, Ermsy’s take on its beloved illustrated characters is both satirical and participatory. These adult-themed bastardizations of Garfield, Loony Tunes, The Simpsons, and the like, are simultaneously elated and anarchic in their absurd display of debauchery like tendencies.

Using familiar characters provides Ermsy with a set of pre-established imaginative boundaries within which to work. Like a hot-boxed descent into an alternate universe of nostalgic psychotropic Saturday morning cartoons, his world is a playful subversion of familiar, pop cultural fodder. “I love pop culture,” Ermsy explains, “and I love exploring it.” His graphic exploration of pop culture uses popular cartoons in the same way that graffiti writers use letters. “Using well-known characters provides me with a base point, a frame to work within,” he explains. “With graffiti, the idea is to pick some letters from the alphabet, then go crazy with them or do whatever you want. Everybody starts with the same base point, and that’s graffiti. My starting point is to use characters in my artwork.”

The Little Death
On view June 27 – July 18

Collector Preview will be shared on Monday, June 22 

Lauren Hana Chai was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii being the first of her family to be born in the United States. Raised by her grandparents who are from South Korea, she grew up with dual cultures: Very traditional with a Korean lifestyle at home, while at the same time being immersed in the western world outside. In 2010, Lauren moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University and graduated in 2015 with her BFA in painting. Lauren uses unconventional mediums with mixed media as well as working with her first love, oils. The mixed media brings together different elements which is a reflection of her identity. She paints issues such as taboo, the Korean cultural trait han, history, the clash of traditional and modern, east and west, and the struggle for balance in between. Lauren adds: “The Little Death is a play between sex and death, the desire to live forever but also the inevitable return of our bodies to nature. I was raised by my grandparents and as they are now near death, they talk about leaving this world all the time. When I think about their death, I think about the entirety of their lives, how they lived it, what actions and decisions they did or did not make. I also see their different emotional reactions to it, my grandma: ready to face death and leave this earth, my grandpa: absolutely terrified but does not want to admit it. I reflect on how I want to live my life and how I want to face death in the end through this series with most of my models being people I know or myself. The different stages of decomposition of the bodies are portrayed as an abstract beautiful mess rather than something to be disgusted or fearful of. The symbols I paint frequently, such as the Korean peach and sacred fungus, are tied to symbols of longevity in Korean classical folk paintings. Back then, these paintings were accessible only to the high class but I paint these symbols today for everyone to enjoy, and I truly feel that I am giving my blessings to the person I am painting. More than just an image, it is an energy. The sacred fungus in particular was highly sought after and emperors would send out troops to look for it in the Korean mountains. It was truly believed to give one eternal youth. Today we take psychedelics as a way to transcend our shared human fate. Procreating is also a temporary transcendence of death and ultimately transcending it in the future as well by passing on DNA. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid of death, but there is an invisible thread that links us to our past and connects us to our fellow humans and the rest of nature. This thought alone helps me see my little death as a part of the bigger universe and I feel a little less scared.”

Mother Earth: We Are All One
On view June 27 – July 18

Collector preview will be shared on Monday, June 22 

We’re proud to share that our family of creatives are coming together for a very special group show, that will help shine a light on topics currently at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts.

Mother Earth: We Are All One will bring together 63 artists,  all of whom have been asked to work within the same space confines of 12×12 inches (30×30 cm) and to take into consideration the general state of our Mother Earth and how much we have scarred her for our own gain and how many specifies of animals have gone extinct due to our constant advancement and taking over of lands near and far.

We’ve asked them all to also consider how the current pandemic has so clearly illustrated that we are all in this together, and when we work together as one, anything is possible. To single out any one person due to their race, religion or sexual orientation is an archaic way of thinking that needs to be abolished. Fundamentalist extremism has been rearing its ugly head all around the world over the last couple of years, and it needs to be stopped.  

A portion of the proceeds from this special exhibition will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in the name of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd to help fight systemic racism.  A portion will also be donated to our longtime partners at Born Free USA to help them in their goals of ensuring that all wild animals, whether living in captivity or in the wild, are treated with compassion and respect and are able to live their lives according to their needs. 

SATURNO ‘The Last Blue Dragon’ / acrylic on canvas

Artists Taking Part:  

Adam Caldwell
Alex Garant
Amy Sol
Angel Once
Anthony Hurd
Anthony Solano
Brad Woodfin
Brian Mashburn
Bryan Valenzuela
Carl Cashman
Chloe Becky
Clare Toms
Collin van der Sluijs
David Cooley
Derek Gores
Golden Dragon76
Drew Merritt
Drew Young
Eduardo F. Angel
Erica Rose Levine
Erik Mark Sandberg
Frank Gonzales
Ghost Beard
Hanna Lee Joshi
Hola Lou
Huntz Liu
Jaime Molina
Jeff Ejan
Jesus Aguado
Jimmer Willmott
Kaplan Bunce
Kate Wadsworth
Ken Flewellyn
Kyle Bryant
Lauren Hana Chai
Lauren YS
Linsey Levendall
Mando Marie
Mari Inukai
Mary Iverson
Molly Gruninger
Nicola Caredda
Oak Oak
Path Whisky
Ricky Watts
Roos van der Vliet
Shar Tuiasoa
Spenser Little
Stephanie Buer
Tati Holt
Tatiana Suarez
Telmo Miel
Waylon Horner
Wiley Wallace



Kayla Mahaffey Time-Released Print Drops Saturday, June 6th

We are honored to announce a special timed-release print with Kayla Mahaffey out of Chicago to help raise funds for charity. The painting “Unwind” was featured in her recent sold-out solo exhibition “Deconstructed”. The bright colors in this work provoke positivity and the hammer featured represents building and repair, both perfect metaphors for the state of race relations currently in the United States.

33% of profits will be donated directly to Black Lives Matter Chicago and 33% of profits will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund .

Timed Edition / Open for 72 hours
Fine art print on Signa Smooth 300gsm cotton rag paper with deckled edges
18 x 24 inches / 45 x 60 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist

Available for purchase starting this Saturday, June 6 at 10 am pacific time. The print sale will run through Tuesday, June 9 at 10 am pacific time via our webshop — shop.thinkspaceprojects.com

Kayla will number the print edition based on the quantity sold during this 72 hour time period. We will share the total amount raised for each charity next week, along with screen grabs of funds being donated to each charity.

Please note due to this being a timed release, prints will then need to be printed following the sale, then shipped to Kayla for signing and numbering, and then shipped back to us for packing up.

Please be patient as this process takes place and know that you can anticipate print orders shipping out just after the 4th of July holiday weekend. Once all prints ship, we will share tracking details with you via email, or share to your PayPal account if you paid that way.

Kayla adds: As a black female artist, I am not here to represent all black people, but to bring awareness to what is happening in our world today and what we can do about it. These issues hit way too close to home and have always been an issue in our community, but now they’re finally getting noticed. This legendary protest is for change in our culture and in our country, and that responsibility lies with ALL people. We can’t end racism and police brutality without allies and without accountability. So moving forward, we need to listen and learn when issues arise and when there is a crisis affecting our society we all need to do our best to assist others. And I want to thank all who are speaking out and doing their part to fight for justice and equality.