"Art For Hope" – sneak peeks from Ryden and Peck…

Marion Peck
Oil on panel

Mark Ryden
Pumpkin President Portrait
Graphite on paper


Wed, Oct. 1st 7-10PM
$25 donation to Obama Victory Fund @ door
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 South La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles /323.933.4408
“Art For Hope” special one-night only group show to raise funds for the Obama campaign with works from The Clayton Brothers, Camille Rose Garcia, Mercedes Helnwein, Seonna Hong, Kill Pixie, Marion Peck, Kent Williams, Todd Schorr and many more plus the release of a special Mark Ryden print “The Pumpkin President” that is ltd to 500 + DJ action + drinks & more

We’ve been hyping this since we heard about it a couple weeks ago. This all came together quickly, but for a killer cause, and many seem to have busted out brand new works for this!!!

Recommended openings to catch this weekend…

Recommended openings to catch this weekend…

Wed, Oct. 1st 7-10PM ($25 donation to Obama Victory Fund @ door)
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 South La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles / 323.933.4408
“Art For Hope” special one-night only group show to raise funds for the Obama campaign with works from The Clayton Brothers, Camille Rose Garcia, Mercedes Helnwein, Seonna Hong, Kill Pixie, Marion Peck, Kent Williams, Todd Schorr and many more plus the release of a special Mark Ryden print + DJ action + drinks & more

Fri, Oct. 3rd 8-11PM
La Luz De Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles / 323.666.7667
“Way, WAY South” from Nathan Ota (picture above) + “Teratoid Muse” from Joel Nakamura
(Both exhibits on view through Oct. 26th)
Check out a preview of the show here: http://laluzdejesus.com/shows/currentshow/ota.htm

Fri, Oct. 3rd 7-10PM
New Image Art Gallery
7908 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood / 323.654.2192
“The Swimming Pool” featuring new photographs from Deanna Templeton
(On view through Oct. 24th)

Fri, Oct. 3rd – Sun, Oct. 5th
TarFest 2008
A great weekend of free art and film events along the miracle mile area of Wilshire Blvd.
Check http://www.tarfest.com/ for details

Sat, Oct. 4th 5-7PM
Robert Berman Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, Space C2 in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica / 310.315.1937
“Massillon” featuring new b&w photographs from the team of Jeff Charbonneau & Eliza French
(On view through Nov. 4th)

Sat, Oct. 4th 8PM-Midnight
Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art
1257 N. La Brea Ave in West Hollywood / 323.969.0600
“Raw Skies” featuring works from Gaia, Labrona, Imminent Disaster, Produkt, Vitche, Kay 2 and Jana Joana
(On view through Oct. 26th)

Sat, Oct. 4th 7-10PM
Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd in Culver City / 310.287.2340
“Black Sugar” featuring new works from Joshua Petker

Sat, Oct. 4th 7-10PM
Nucleus Gallery
210 E. Main St., Alhambra / 626.458.7482
“Endless Reflections: Celebrating 20 Years Of Sandman” group show featuring works from Tessar Lo, Barron Storey, Dave McKean, Nate Frizzel, Nimit Malavia, Michael Page, Jason Shawn Alexander, Vincent Locke, and others
(On view through Oct. 20th)

Sat, Oct. 4th 6-9PM
Riverside Art Museum
3425 Mission Inn Avenue in Riverside / 951.684.7111
“Beyond Baby Tattooville” featuring works from the artists taking part in this year’s Baby Tattooville (also going on this weekend) as well as artists from last year’s debut show/retreat. Artists exhibiting works include Ana Bagayan, Glenn Barr, Gary Baseman, Lola, Tim Biskup, Luke Cheuh, Dave Cooper, Gris Grimly, Bob Dob, James Jean, Frank Kozik, Tara McPherson, Joe Ledbetter, Daniel Peacock, Brandi Milne, Ragnar, Shag, Amy Sol, Jeff Soto, Amanda Visell, Michael Whelan and Jeffery Scott.

Sat, Oct. 4th 7-10PM
SCION Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Ave in Culver City / 310.815.8840
“Tokyo Nonsense” group show featuring works from Ai Kato, Ichiro Endo, Taro Izumi, Sachiko Kazama, Iichiro Tanaka and the six-member artist group Chim/Pom
(On view through Oct. 25th)

Sat, Oct. 4th 7-10PM
Subliminal Projects
1331 W. Sunset Blvd in the Echo Park region of Los Angeles
“Park Life: Friends and Family” group show with works from Josh Cochran, Jordan Crane, Tristan Eaton, Shepard Fairey, Andrew Foster, Gary Garay, Cody Hudson, Travis Millard, Cleon Peterson, Mel Kadel, Kill Pixie, Skullphone, Florencio Zavala and many, many more
(On view through Oct. 31st)

Sun, Oct. 5th @ 2PM
8910 Washington Blvd in Culver City / 310.559.6300
Live painting with Ai Kato in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition “Tokyo Nonsense” at Scion Installation L.A. The artist will paint directly on models wearing schoolgirl uniforms in addition to creating a wall mural before a live audience. Fellow performance artist DJ Ichiro Endo who will play an eclectic mix of `90s Japanese pop and techno will accompany this event

Tue, Oct. 7th 7-10PM
Gallery 1988 Los Angeles
7020 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles / 323.937.7088
“Cover Band” group show with over 50 artists all painting upon vintage 12” LPs reinterpreting the LPs in the process featuring an array of some of today’s most popular artists
(On view through Oct. 31st)

PLUS don’t forget this is the last weekend to view “In The Land Of Retinal Delights” at the Laguna Art Museum!!!

Coming Up Next Week:
Fri, Oct. 10th 7-11PM
4210 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles / 323.913.3375
“Red Forest” featuring new works and an installation from Ekundayo and Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez + “Moments Of Bliss” featuring new works from Jeaneen Carlino & select new works also on view from Michael Alvarez in our project room
(Both exhibits on view through Oct. 31st)

Dan Witz to open solo shows in both NYC and the UK this weekend…

Legendary Brooklyn, NY based street artist Dan Witz is preparing to shake things up as he opens simultaneous solo shows this weekend in NYC and the UK. We’ve been lucky enough to view both shows already and he’s certainly taken things up another notch with this show. His use of lighting and shadows… so many times you’d swear it was a photograph before even considering it was a painting. Both shows are just stunning and if anyone is lucky enough to be in either metropolis this weekend, do not miss your chance to view his works in person.

View images of the full NYC show @ DFN Gallery here: http://dfngallery.com/exhibitions/dan_witz_102508.htm

Check out more about the UK show @ Stolen Space here: http://www.stolenspace.com/section.php?xSec=170

Dan Witz 1st book ‘Dan Witz In Plain View. 30 Years of Artworks Illegal and Otherwise’ Will be be published by Gingko Press December ’08. So can’t wait for that!

For a sneak peak of the book, click here: http://www.danwitzstreetart.com/book/1.html

Look for Witz to take part in our upcoming “From the Streets of Brooklyn” group show curated by Ad Hoc Art coming up this January.

For more on Dan Witz, check out his site at: http://www.danwitzstreetart.com/

Early glimpse at two finished works from KMNDZ…

Above is the first look at two of the finished works for next Friday’s Red Forest opening from KMNDZ. “El Chango” (shown first) and “Enjoy” are both just a taste of the onslaught of works that await all next Friday when Red Forest opens to the public.

The digital preview will be going out next Tue or Wed. No add’l details are available until then, including pricing or sizing on the above works. Please be patient and all will be revealed come next week when we send out the preview to those on the waiting list.
Both invade our space starting this Sunday – expect some epic murals/installs come next Fri!

Studio visit with Ekundayo…

Went over to Ill Squad Studios the other day, home to Ekundayo and Michael Alvarez (who will also be debuting some new works in our project room alongside Jeaneen Carlino). Dayo is busy putting the finishing touches on “Red Forest” and the new works are just stunning, by far his most focused body of work to date and I can’t wait for all to see these all finished and framed up coming opening night on Fri, Oct. 10th… until then, check out the below sneak peek into his studio

We’ll be showcasing some of Dayo’s hyper-detailed pen and ink works in “Red Forest” (see above) – taking them to the framers tomorrow to be nicely float mounted and framed…

After checking out the works for “Red Forest” we headed out to check out a few of Dayo’s recent street missions with Michael Alvarez (see below) as well as Augor (2nd image down, below the bomb with Alvarez)…

Red Forest
With Ekundayo & KMNDZ
Coming up on Fri, Oct. 10th
I think it goes without saying, but do not miss this one!!!
More soon…