Microbo and Bo130 – the Italian invasion has begun!

The Italian invasion has begun! Microbo and Bo130 arrive!!!
Italian street art masters Microbo and Bo130 have just sent us a nice array of new works to show to you all. We are SO stoked to be working with them, I can barely put it into words. They have been two of my favorite European street artists for the past several years. The top pic above is from the pairs recent show at Helium Cowboy Gallery in Brussels, Belgium with Morcky and TheBoghe. Just a stunning mural to say the least. The pics below that are just samples of their work.

To see the works in our inventory, check out the ‘Available Artwork’ section at the following link: https://www.sourharvest.com/thinkspace/n_avail.php

To check out more from their Helium Cowboy show in Belgium, click here: http://www.heliumcowboy.com/hc_digilog/52_modart/

The two have shown the world over, including taking part in last year’s “The Streets Of Europe” show in NYC at Jonathan LeVine as well as being included in the highly prestigous “Wooster On Spring” project in 2006. The pair also organized the highly successful “Urban Edge” exhibit in 2005 in Milan, Italy and the “Izastikup Show Tour” exhibiton of the same year that featured the original pages of the highly popular Izastikup book (also put together by the pair) on display at Carhartt Clothing shops across Europe, including stops in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Berlin, and Madrid.

Their works have been featured in numerous books on street art and sticker art including:
Street Sketchbook – Tristan Manco
Street Logo s– Tristan Manco
The Art of Rebellion – C. Hundertmark
The Art of Rebellion 2 – C. Hundertmark
Up Until Now – Upper Playground
The Art of Rebellion 2
Izastikup – Dragoarte & Comunicazione
Pictoplasma Character Encyclopedia – P. Thaler, L. Denicke
& many more, including numerous features in European publications such as Modart.

For more on both, be sure to check out:

We hope you all enjoy their work as much as we do!

General update / recent trips to NYC and SF…

Been swamped with travels these past few weeks, not to mention taking down Kathie & Brandt’s show and getting ready for our openings tomorrow night. The week before last I made a trip out to NYC and Brooklyn where many good things were put into motion and earlier this week I also swung up to SF for a couple days to visit some galleries and to meet with Armsrock to discuss plans for our big show with him and Elbow-Toe this December. He’s KILLING the Upper Playground gallery up there with D*Face – their show opened tonight to what had to be a packed crowd. The gallery looked so amazing when I swung through, and they still had a day to add to it. They were both getting up all over SF. Armsrock laid down one of his signature sleeping homeless pieces on the sidewalk next to the opening of Fifty24SF – gripping to see in person. If you are in SF the next few weeks, don’t miss this one. Also, on the Upper Playground tip, keep your ear to the ground for the opening of their LA spot.

I’ll be back on track next week with the early head’s up on the underground happenings. As mentioned above, things have just been a bit nutty. Considering most spots will barely tell ya’ about a killer show that’s next door to ’em, we’re happy to always keep the community spirit alive by spreading the word.

VinylPulse.com post preview on "Uncommon Gardens"…

Our good bud Jack over at VinylPulse.com just posted a nice lil’ preview/behind the scenes glimpse of tomorrow night’s show “Uncommon Gardens” featuring new works from Catherine Brooks, Caia Koopman, Lilly Piri and Kelly Vivanco.

Be sure to come on through, Kelly delivered a really beautiful installation/mural in our front room that carries into the main gallery.

See a glimpse here:

Ink Advance special ‘mini show’ this Fri in project room…

Super last minute show announcement…. in addition to Kris Chau’s solo show in our project room this Friday, we had some extra space, and I just got a sick, huge batch of works in from street artists Acorn (Canada / but super active in Germany and Australia as of late – just showed at BLVD too) and the artist couple of Ghostpatrol and Miso (from Melbourne, Australia).

The three recently had a big show in Australia that even had a special book accompany it called Ink Advance. I loved the show and we had already been working with Ghostpatrol and Miso, so I hit them up if they’d be into sending over some works in order to do a small U.S. version of the Ink Advance grouping.

Here’s a lil’ sneak peak of their wall: http://flickr.com/photos/thinkspace/2467315348/

AND Juxtapoz.com hyped up the show as well here: http://www.juxtapoz.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3245&Itemid=1

In the meantime, to check out more about Ghostpatrol, check out his site at:

For more on Miso, check out her site here:

And for all the latest, check their latest news update out here – these two are busy:


For more on Acorn, check out:http://flickr.com/photos/acornsgrow/http://oakyoh.blogspot.com/

All their works will be posted in our ‘Available Artwork’ section by this weekend.