Brazilian artist Thais Beltrame rocks Carmichael!

Brazilian artist Thais Beltrame is in town and she’s rocking the house over at Carmichael. She’s done a huge mural in the back gallery and has a wall of over a dozen of her whimsical and heart felt mixed media drawings on paper. The one above is one of my favorites from the show and below is one of our purchases from the show. Seth’s wife is out of town due to family matters, so I stopped by to help a brother out on my home this eve and had the honor to help hang her works and got to chat a bit with her. She deserves all the attention she’s getting right now, really sweet person. Don’t kick yourself a year from now, get down to Carmichael tomorrow… it’s right up the road from SURU… so hit both those and then head on over to Culver to see Bozic’s mind bender at Kinsey/DesForges (WOW). What a night for art!!!

Great YouTube video here:

Check out some more of Thais’ work here:

The heat on Ekundayo’s show at SURU builds…

The heat is really building up leading into EKUNDAYO’s mini-solo at SURU this Sat on Melrose. Pieces are already being snapped up by some pretty major players in the art/entertainment world, so don’t sleep on this show. just posted a nice lil’ preview here:
This preview also links to a new interview that just posted here:
Pics above and below courtesy of (thanks Jack!). At the top of this post is a nice shot of Dayo rockin’ his mural on the front of SURU and below hanging with LP’s Joe Hahn. This is just a teaser of what’s to come from Dayo and KMNDZ this October… don’t miss this one! post preview of Ekundayo @ SURU… post preview of Ekundayo’s new show at SURU opening this Sat:

“If you’re already a fan of his work, you need to check the show out. If you’re not familiar with him, then this is a great starting point.” –

Hope to see some of you out at the show this Saturday. Dayo rocked a huge mural on the front of the store too that has to be seen. PLUS there’s a killer limited tee available at the opening too (see below). Don’t miss this one.

7662 Melrose (right by Fairfax / next to Brooklyn Projects)

Opening night pics for May posted on our Flickr…

In addition to the shots just posted of our recent May openings, we’ve also just added a bunch to our Flickr set at the below address.

Opening night shots for “Uncommon Gardens”, “Plaits & Fringe” and “Ink Advance” here:
Above is the one and only Catherine Brooks in front of some of her works from “Uncommon Gardens”. Many are talking about Catherine’s work and we’re excited to have her back next year for a solo show in our project room. More details on that soon.
Until then, be sure to check out more of Brooks’ work here: