post preview of Ekundayo @ SURU… post preview of Ekundayo’s new show at SURU opening this Sat:

“If you’re already a fan of his work, you need to check the show out. If you’re not familiar with him, then this is a great starting point.” –

Hope to see some of you out at the show this Saturday. Dayo rocked a huge mural on the front of the store too that has to be seen. PLUS there’s a killer limited tee available at the opening too (see below). Don’t miss this one.

7662 Melrose (right by Fairfax / next to Brooklyn Projects)

Opening night pics for May posted on our Flickr…

In addition to the shots just posted of our recent May openings, we’ve also just added a bunch to our Flickr set at the below address.

Opening night shots for “Uncommon Gardens”, “Plaits & Fringe” and “Ink Advance” here:
Above is the one and only Catherine Brooks in front of some of her works from “Uncommon Gardens”. Many are talking about Catherine’s work and we’re excited to have her back next year for a solo show in our project room. More details on that soon.
Until then, be sure to check out more of Brooks’ work here:

Armsrock is killing it!

Armsrock continues to build up steam… and just killed it up in SF at Upper Playground’s Fifty24SF Gallery alongside the UK’s one and only D*Face… if you are up in SF over the next couple weeks – DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!

For more on Armsrock, be sure to watch his blog at:
Coming this December to thinkspace: 2-man show with Brooklyn artist Elbow-Toe post opening night pics from May shows @ thinkspace post opening night pics from “Uncommon Gardens”, “Plaits & Fringe” and “Ink Advance” @ thinkspace

More opening shots will be posted on our Flickr later today as well. Some amazing works are still on hand from all the exhibits, so please be sure to take a look at our ‘Available Artwork’ section here: