Jon Todd updates site / mention on / tons of upcoming shows to keep an eye out for…

Juxtapoz recently shinned a light on up and coming Canadian artist Jon Todd. We love his style and each work he churns out is getting tighter and tighter. He is in a ton of shows in 2008, including a big LA solo in Thinkspace’s project room next December… keep an eye and get on board now before his prices rise, as the amount of work he puts into each piece is stunning and the pieces should be going for so much more, but it’s all about the come up and getting out there… and he’ll be doing that in a big way in ’08.

Peep the Juxtapoz love here:

And the man’s site here:

New print from STELLA IM HULTBERG to be released on Fri, Dec. 7th during ‘Snow Angels’ opening

Thinkspace will be releasing a new limited edition print from Stella Im Hultberg during the opening reception for the upcoming “Snow Angels” exhibition.

Plan to attend the opening on Fri, Dec. 7th and to arrive early. Prints will be available for the 1st time at this opening reception. There will be no pre-orders and a limit of one per customer. Any remaining prints will be made available the following day via phone orders at the gallery starting at 2PM pacific time (we’ll note on the home page of our site if that will be the case).

This print will be the largest yet from Stella and will be of her piece “Heartbeats” that was featured in this year’s “Smitten” exhibition at Thinkspace. Additional details including exact size, print run and price will be announced the week of the show.

A print for Ekundayo’s “Too Much Of Anything…” (featured in the new issue of Juxtapoz) will be ready in time for the holidays as well from thinkspace. Further details announced very soon.

An aritst to watch out for in the coming year…

If you are not yet familiar with the delicate and beautifully bizarre world of Japan’s Yuka Yamaguchi, please take a moment to check out her site at:

Yuka has shown the world over, and has really been picking up a lot of new fans in the past year via her active blog and exposure via a number of high profile group shows including .ISM’s Untitled Love Project.

Look for her to return to LA in Jan as part of Thinkspace’s special benefit for the API. Shortly after that she’ll be having her debut solo show in Japan – we wish her the best of luck!

Fans of Lilly Piri and Fumi Nakamura should definitely check her site out right away.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone / let’s make a hand turkey!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, and never letting your inner child die, I give to you the below link to bring back the magic of hand turkeys!

How amazing would a hand turkey theme show be? hahaha

Be sure to get out to this Saturday’s Cannibal Flower event if you are in town this holiday weekend… save for Robert Hardgrave’s solo at BLK/MRKT, it’s a pretty quiet weekend on the LA underground art scene.

Allison Sommers – new interview posted on / new works posted on Flickr…

One of the brightest talents we’ve come across lately is Allison Sommers. She excels in creating a world that is all her own, yet many can relate to. Simply a stunning eye for detail and an imagination that is to be cherished. We can’t wait for our upcoming shows with her and to watch her talent grow along with her fan base.

There’s a great interview with Allison posted here:

Check out Allison’s flickr page below. We hope you’re as blown away by her work as we are:

Look for her in the upcoming API benefit show that thinkspace will be hosting in early January.