Paul McCarthy returns to LA for 1st time in over a decade

Get ready to hit up Venice later this month when one of the most important living artists today returns to LA for his first solo exhibition in his hometown in over a decade. The one and only Paul McCarthy will break in the new Los Angeles branch of venerable upper east side NYC hotspot L&M Arts on Sat, Sept. 25th. The new L&M space has been designed by WHY Architecture and is just a stunning gallery location.

The new space will be directed by Sarah Watson, former Deitch Projects director and Gagosian Beverly Hills associate.

Read an interview with Sarah Watson, the new director of L&M’s new space in Venice here:

“The offering includes an automated humpfest between a pair of pigs and a George Bush/pirate hybrid figure, and a pair of monumental sculptural tableaux inspired by German Hummel figurines — one resembling a cross between kitsch statues and The Raft of the Medusa re-envisioned as a Toontown massacre, and the other recasting Adam and Eve as deformed Brobdingnagian überkinder. Not exactly what one might expect as an icebreaker, but a welcome addition to the neighborhood nonetheless. The amazing thing about McCarthy is how the more ambitiously and insanely f’d up his visions become, the more embraceable and familiar they seem.” – LA Weekly

Sept. 25th – Nov. 6th, 2010

L&M Arts
660 Venice Blvd. in Venice

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