Pics from Art For Hope + Kent Williams @ Merry Karnowsky…

Upon entering tonight’s ‘Art For Hope’ benefit at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery we were met by the above trio of talent (l-r: Mari Inukai, Jason Shawn Alexander and Kent Williams – whose solo at Merry’s opened this past weekend – see below for several shots of his show…)

There were some beautiful works on view in this special exhibit including the above gem from The Clayton Brothers and below is a look at the piece from Marion Peck framed and on the wall we previewed earlier today…

As we were walking up to the show, we were about a block behind Shepard and his wife, and witnessed him tossing up a sticker (never without ’em) as he was walking up to the show. Gotta love him, he hasn’t changed a bit. Below was his piece for the benefit.

Above is the framed drawing from Mark Ryden (also previewed here earlier today). What an absolute steal at only $9K – stunning and beautifully framed… below was Mari Inukai‘s contribution to the show. Look for her in “The Drawing Room” this November curated by Audrey at our gallery… so much promise in that show, can’t wait.

Australian street artist Kill Pixie (see above) was also represented – his hyper-detailed works have to be seen in person to be really appreciated. Look for big things from him in the near future.

Before we headed out for the evening, we had a chance to catch up with fellow collectors Ally Takeuchi and Marcus Lo (pictured above with my wife Shawn).
On our way out, we snapped some shots of Kent Williams‘ new solo “Swim In The Deep Water” that we weren’t able to attend last weekend. The new works are some of his best yet, be sure to get through and check this show out in person given the chance.

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