Poets Of The Paste @ AdHoc…

If you are in NYC next weekend… DO NOT MISS “Poets Of The Paste” at AdHocArt out in Brooklyn.

The amazing Armsrock (who also has a sweet show currently on display at FIFTY24SF with D*Face that everyone should check out!) will be featured alongside fellow legends ELBOW-TOE, Gaia, and Imminent Disaster in a four-person show fittingly named Poets of the Paste. Opening Friday, June 13th at Ad Hoc Art, Poets of the Paste will unite these four figurative artists known for their striking images that comment on nature, contemporary society and the everyday lives we live. These artists transform public spaces to moments of private reflection with an emphasis on careful craftsmanship.

Armsrock, ELBOW-TOE, Gaia, and Imminent Disaster have left their marks on the urban landscapes, generously giving their talent to the public, time, and the elements. Now they bring their skills together at Ad Hoc through drawings, stencils, paintings, and block prints incorporated onto various media. For more on the show check out http://www.adhocart.org/.

To check out more on Armsrock: http://www.armsrock.blogspot.com/ (some amazing shots of his recent trip up to SF… just killed it up there)

For more on Elbow-Toe: http://www.flickr.com/photos/guy_on_the_streets/

For more on Gaia: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pisacane/

And for Imminent Disaster: http://www.flickr.com/photos/disasterstrikes/

Get familiar with these names. They all have VERY bright futures ahead of them and Elbow-Toe and Armsrock will be taking over our gallery this December and we just can’t wait. Past that, both Gaia and Imminent Disaster will be invading in early 2008 as part of a special show that AdHocArt will be curating at our space… more on that huge show very soon.

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